The Socialization of KSB Formation and Sewage Service Improvement the Improvement of Flood Resilience

Zurich Flood Resilience Program, or the Improvement of Flood Resilient Society Program toward the West Flood Canal in Semarang area. It is one of the programs that endorse the government of Semarang in minimizing the risk of flooding in the West Flood Canal area in Semarang. This program began in 2016 with the arrangement of the Community Based Risk Reduction Disaster document in 16 villages, they are Barusari, Bulustalan, Bendan Dhuwur, Bojong Salaman, Bulu Lor, Cabean, Kalipancur, Krobokan, Manyaran, Ngemplak Simongan, Panggung Kidul, Panggung Lor, Petompon, Pendrikan Lor , Sampangan, and Tawang Mas village. The preparation of these documents is done through a series of workshops attended by the community representatives. The document contains information about the location of flooding in each village, the issues /problems related to flood, and the proposed strategy for the public to minimize the risk of flooding. On February 17, 2017, the Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction document of 16 villages has been handed over to BPBDs Semarang.

There are various ideas about the flood risk reduction measures proposed by the community both physical and non-physical. The team of Mercy Corps Indonesia and IUCCE make an assessment of the strategy proposed by the communities. It will be implemented with the support of the Improvement of Flood Resilient Society Program toward the West Flood Canal area Semarang. The results of these assessments, there are 2 activities to be carried out until October 2017, namely the establishment and strengthening of the Disaster Preparedness Group (KSB) at 8 villages as well as strengthening the sewage services in 5 villages. On March 9, 2017 the socialization of the Disaster Preparedness Group (KSB) was implemented and the improvement of sewage services in 11 villages of the West Flood Canal area Semarang. The KSB strengthening and formation will be held in Manyaran, Kalipancur, Krobokan, Cabean, Petompon, Bulustalan, Panggung Lor, Bulu Lor village. Meanwhile the improvement of the solid services will be held in the Manyaran, Bendan Dhuwur, Sampangan, Panggung Kidul, and  Krobokan village.

The KSB Establishment and Improvement of the sewage services socialization was attended by the District, Village, community representatives, OPD in Semarang, and the Pamali Juwana Central River Region. Through the KSB establishment and improvement of the sewage services socialization is expected to all stakeholders participate actively and cooperate in minimizing the impact of the floods in the West Flood Canal area of Semarang.

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