The Preparation Of Contingency Plan Arrangement of KSB in 8 Sub Districts West Flood Canal Area

One effort that can be done by the community is preparedness to face theflood by establishing the DisasterPreparedness Groups (KSB) in 8 selected villages in West Flood Canal areaconducted in March – May 2017 and preparation of the sub district FloodDisaster Contingency Plan Document. This document includes information onflood-prone locations, vulnerable communities, evacuation routes and floodshelter, structures and the work plans of Disaster Preparedness Groups (KSB),as well as the guidance on coordination mechanisms, communications and the roleof stakeholders in flood preparedness to realize the Sub districts FloodResilience. This document is prepared by the KSB consisting of various elementsof the society to improve the community preparedness and reduce the risks andimpacts of sudden flood events that may come.

The contingency plan document is formulated in a participatory manner bythe members of the KSB, so that the contingency plan document will be used as theguidance in the activities of the KSB. The discussion in formulating thiscontingency plan, facilitated by the IUCCE which takes into account the inputof the members of the KSB which will be rearranged in accordance with theinput. During one of the events the planning preparation contingency was attended Mr.Yonata as representatives of BPBD of Semarang City who provide inputs for the preparation of contingency

The existence of this document, it is hoped that the community will becomemore prepared, resilience, and responsive in facing the floods in the future,and can play a role to reduce the risk of flooding in the region. In June -July 2017 a discussion process was held with KSB as the material in arrangingthe Contingency Plan document. The discussion was in the form of workshops heldin 8 sub-districts of the West Flood Canal area.

Documents can be downloaded in the section of “Knowledge Development > Reports”

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