Accompaniment in the Municipal Waste Recycle Program (MWRP) in Semarang

Since the beginning of 2019, IKUPI has collaborated with the BINTARI Foundation to carry out monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the “Improved Recycling and Collaboration of Waste Management – PILAH” program. This program is a collaboration between BINTARI and USAID through the Development Innovation Group (DIG) to increase recycling waste, one of which […]

Reflection on Disaster Mitigation Dialogue in the City of Semarang

As a non-profit organization, the Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) a few days ago(22/1/19) participated in the Interactive Dialogue held at Metro TV Central JavaStudio. The Executive Director IUCCE, Rukuh Setiadi, provided opinions and insights on disaster mitigation,together with the Head of the Semarang City’s Disaster Management Agency(BPBD), Agus Harmunanto and Vice […]

Assistance in Preparing Contingency Plans as Flood Preparedness Efforts at The Petompon Sub-District

One of efforts made to realize a resilient urban village isto prepare a preparedness procedure known as the flood disaster contingency plan. The preparation of this document was carried out in a participatory manner by the people of Petompon Subdistrict. This document contains information regarding flood-prone locations, vulnerable communities, evacuation routes and temporary evacuation sites, […]