Community Based Disaster Risk Management Documents

Semarang city has recently launched the City Resilience Strategy (CRS- City Resilience Strategy) in May 2016 to assist the communities in overcoming the urban problems through cooperation with the various parties. One of the main problems is the floods disaster. In the current growth conditions, such as the increasing in the rainfall intensity and reducing the  function in the upper catchment, the risk of flooding in 16 villages in the West Flood Canal Area is also increasing, so the community preparedness is absolutely necessary. In addition to anticipate the flood by improving the physical infrastructure, the Semarang city government also issued regulations in related to the disaster in Semarang through the Semarang City Regulation No.13 in 2010 on the Disaster Management in Semarang. This regulation includes the principles and purposes of the disaster management authority and responsibility of the local government (PEMDA) in the case of disasters, rights, obligations, and community participation. The institution which is handling, namely through the establishment of the BPBDs. The disaster management includes pre-during-post-disaster, the cooperation disaster management, and financing and the management of aid in case of the disaster. Through this regulation is expected the community and the municipal authorities have special rules to manage the anticipation of the flood and ways to overcome the disaster.

As the form of support to the Semarang government in overcoming the problem of flooding, Mercy Corps Indonesia in collaboration with the Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) and Initiative for Regional Development and Environmental Management (IRDEM) with the fund from the Zurich Foundation. They work in helping the  people in 16 villages in the West Flood Canal Area in order to have a careful planning in facing the flood risk, coordinating and connecting with other related village, and also work together effectively to help the people  which is affected by the floods. This activity is also in line with the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Program Semarang so that the vulnerable areas are more responsive and ready indeling with the disasters.

Through a series of workshops with the community involvement, has now arranged the  Based Disaster Risk Reduction Community document for 16 villages in the West Flood Canal Area,namely Barusari, Bendan Dhuwur, Bojong Salaman, Bulu Lor, Bulustalan, Cabean, Kalipancur, Krobokan, Manyaran, Ngemplak Simongan, Panggung Kidul, Panggung Lor, Pendrikan Lor, Petompon, Sampangan, and Tawang Mas village. This document contains information about the important issues and urgency in associated with the floods and strategies to face and minimize the risk of flooding in each village. The Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction document can be utilized by the community, especially in the West Flood Canal Area to improve the preparedness against floods. This document was prepared with the active participation of the community representatives in 16 villages. This document belongs to the community which can be used to minimize the risk of flooding in the West Flood Canal Area.

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