The Increasement Community Interest Program in Using the Public Transport in Semarang City

Semarang is one of the cities in Indonesia that has traffic jam problem. This problem occurs because the majority of Semarang City people choose to use private vehicles for the activity than using the public transportation. The program in increasing the public interest in using public transportation in Semarang City, Central Java is done by the cooperation of the Education Department Office of Semarang City, IGES, IUCCE, and Save The Children, by making SMP Negeri 31 Semarang, SMP Negeri 1 Semarang and SMP Negeri 7 Semarang as the pilot project. This program is aimed to realize the integrated mobility which is the pillar strategy of the 100 Resilience City Semarang.

In this program, the activities which is carried out namely training and socialization for the safety of traffic and the use of public transportation especially BRT to the junior high school students, teachers, and parents. The speakers in the training are Kasatlantas Semarang City, Education Department Office Semarang City, BLU Trans Semarang, and the Department of Transportation of Semarang City. The enthusiasm and positive response are shown by the trainees. During the training, trainees were given modules that could be used as the handbooks for the traffic ordering and using the public transport. In addition to the training and socialization, traffic safety campaigns and the use of public transport especially BRT for school students are also conducted for students who have been trained, so that the students not only acquire knowledge and apply it, but also provide the knowledge in related to the safety of traffic and the use of BRT public transport through campaigns.

Each student makes a variety of materials for the campaign so that the messages can be conveyed well to their peers. The goal for this program is the increasing interest of the community, especially the school students to use public transportation and more understanding of ethics in the traffic.

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