Community Preparedness Training To Flood Disaster In West Flood Canal Area In Semarang

The Flood Resilience Program for the Flood Area in the West Flood Canal Area of Semarang City is a collaboration between Mercy Corps Indonesia andthe Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) and the Initiative for Regional Development and Environmental Management (IRDEM) with funding from the Zurich Foundation to help the communities have the careful planning in facing the flood risk. This activity is also in line with the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Semarang City for the disaster-prone areas are more responsive and ready in facing the disaster. From the several actions proposed by the community, it has been determined that the formation and strengthening the Disaster Preparedness Groups in 8 sub-districts namely Kalipancur,Manyaran, Bulustalan, Cabean, Petompon, Bulu Lor, Krobokan, and Panggung Lor became the priority needs. After the establishment of 8 KSBs in the West Flood Canal area, the other activities were carried out, namely the Community Preparedness Training on Flood Disaster in the Flood Area of ??the West Flood.The training aims to improve the capacity of the KSB in facing the disasters.

The training took place 2 days 1 night, at 22-23 November 2017. The participants in this training were the Disaster Preparedness Group (KSB) from 8 sub-districts in West Flood Canal Area such as Manyaran, Petompon, Krobokan,Bulu Lor, Bulustalan, Panggung Lor, and Cabean sub districts. In the training,there are some materials presented by the Regional Disaster Management Agency(BPBD) Semarang City, Semarang City Red Cross and BRIMOB Simongan related to how to deal with the disasters ranging from pre, during, and post of the disaster.

Some of the materials presented by the speakers are: the Disaster resilience sub district, Disaster Logistics, Shelter Material, Disaster Communication, Evacuation Material and First Aid Material. In addition to the materials, trainees also conduct the disaster simulation activities. Each KSBas the trainee plays its role in accordance with its duty in the KSB.

Through this training, it is expected that the participants will be able to understand better the tasks of each field in theKSB, both pre and during the disaster and participants have the experience thatcan be shared to the community in their environment.

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