The Formation Of The Disaster Preparedness Groups In 8 Sub-Districts West Flood Canal Area Semarang

The establishment and strengthening of the Disaster Preparedness Groups is a continuation activity of the community proposals that exist in the Community-Based Disaster Risk Management Document. The Program in Increasing the Public Resilience to the Flood in West Flood Canal Area of Semarang City, from several actions proposed by the community, will implement the proposed strategy of the forming and strengthening of the Disaster Preparedness Group (KSB) in 8 Sub-districts, they are Manyaran, Krobokan, Cabean, Panggung Lor, Bulustalan, Petompon, Kalipancur, and Bulu Lor sub district.

The formation of the Disaster Preparedness Groups in each selected sub district took place gradually. It starts from the stakeholders mapping in order to find the figure which is involved in the disaster activities. Then the workshops were conducted which invited the stakeholders who are active in these disaster activities, and established the organizational structure of the KSB. The communities in 8 sub districts participate in forming the KSB to be prepared for possible disasters. Recently, they are 8 sub districts has formed the Disaster Preparedness Group (KSB). After the KSB is formed and agreed by all the relevant stakeholders then legalized by the District Letter of Decree (SK).

Some of the activities which are undertaken in this intervention include the preparation of the contingency plan documents as well as the preparedness training to improve the capacity of communities in preparedness to the disaster. The Contingency Plan document contains the work plans of the KSB, roles and tasks of each field within the organization structure of the KSB, the flood affected areas in detail, the evacuation route, the Flood Shelter, until the communications equipment when disaster strikes from the city level to the RT level. The formation of KSB includes the formulation of the contingency plans. It can support the BPBD program Semarang city in order to realize the disaster resilience village.

The Initiative Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) facilitates the  communities in eight sub districts in the  West Flood Canal areas in the formation of KSB proposed to the community as an anticipatory efforts against the flood risk. The members of the Disaster Preparedness Group are the sub district head, LPMK, BKM, Babinsa, Babinkamtibnas, RT, RW and the community leaders. The KSB will have one of the roles to monitor the water level of the river when the pre-disaster, the evacuation implementation during the emergency condition and it starts from the multi stakeholder, it will be able to connect the communication from the neighborhood level to the City level. They also control the condition of the affected areas in post-disaster so that people can know when the affected location is safe and the community can return to their homes. The KSB structure and membership in 8 sub districts determined according to the community agreement and voluntary.

Documents can be downloaded in the section of “Knowledge Development > Reports”

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