The Dissemination Program in Increasing the Community Resilience Towards West Flood Canal Area

The Program for Increasing the Resilience of Flooded Communities in the Area of the Flood Canal started in late 2016 and started with an assessment of community resilience to floods in 16 urban areas of West Flood Canal Area of Semarang City. The program is collaboration between Mercy Corps Indonesia and the Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) and the Initiative for Regional Development and Environmental Management (IRDEM) funded by the Zurich Foundation. The activities in this program have involved relevant the stakeholders at urban and municipal levels. To inform the progress of the activities is undertaken in this program, the dissemination of the program by inviting more relevant stakeholders is required.

In the event, beginning with the exposure of Mr. Maryoto ( BPBD Semarang City ) related to the information all the Disaster Resilience Program BPBD Semarang City. In addition to the BPBD Semarang City, Mr Gunawan Saptogiri ( Environmental Office of Semarang City ) also provides the explanation in related to the programs in the Environment Office of Semarang city related to the Waste Management. In the next session, which is filled with the explanation of the Mercy Corps Indonesia and IUCCE is the introduction explanation of the Program in Increasing the Community Resilience Against the Flood in West Flood Canal Area of Semarang City. This dissemination event was closed with talk show by the representatives of KSB leaders and waste care figures, and the sub district head representatives from the region which is the intervention area of the Flood Resilience Program for the Flood Area in West Flood Canal Area of Semarang City.

In the Talk Show, Mr. Yudi ( member of KSB Krobokan ) and Mr. Agung Setyawan Sera ( member of KSB Cabean ) as speakers in related to the experiences during become the member of the KSB, participate in preparatory training, and experience during the Flood Resilience Program for the Community in Flood Area in West Flood Canal Area of Semarang City. Mrs.Sri Murwati from Manyaran Sub district, Mrs.Siti Romelah from Sampangan Sub district as the speaker’s representative’s care about the waste also tells the experience when the program took place, both in terms of knowledge gained through training and socialization and experience related to the existing waste management environment. The subdistrict head representatives expressed their support and appreciation to the enthusiastic citizens for mutual assistance and keeping the environment better.

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