Participation of IUCCE on the Field Test Contingency Plan in Semarang City

Semarang, December 6, 2017 has been tested the flood disaster as the result the arrangement the disaster contingency plan Semarang City. The Disaster Contingency Plan in Semarang city was prepared by the BPBD Semarang City, for the participation of various agencies in the city of Semarang. This contingency plan field test was attended by various agencies such as the Social Service,Health Office, TNI, POLRI, BASARNAS, volunteers. The Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) participated to become participants in the test of the Semarang Disaster Contingency Plan.

The event started with a morning roll attended by Hendrar Prihadi, as the Mayor of Semarang as the commander of the ceremony. After that, the simulation is divided into 2 parts of time namely pre and in the event of the disaster. In the pre-disaster period, each village held a meeting to prepare for the flood disaster. In the event of the disaster the role of each agency is simulated. The actions which was  taken from the evacuation of the victims to the safety of the evacuation site, as well as the acceptance of the logisticaid for the disaster victims, ends with the recovery phase when the disaster issecure and the residential location of the residents is ready to be resettled.

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