Waste Management System in 5 Sub District in West Flood Canal Area Of Semarang City

Mercy Corps Indonesia in cooperation with Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) and Initiative for Regional Development and Environmental Management (IRDEM), as the form in supporting the Semarang City Government, with the funding support from Z Zurich Foundation seeks to assist the community in improving the existing waste services in 5 sub districts in West Flood Canal Area of ??Semarang City. The improvement of the waste services is proposed by the community because the community believes that the waste is one of the main causes of flooding. The strengthening of the waste service in 5 sub districts in West Flood Canal Area has a main goal to make a good solid waste services and able to become an additional economic source for the community by producing products from the recycled waste products.

One of the actions undertaken in this program is the field visit activity. The field visit to the Waste Management Village in Sukunan and Gemah Ripah Waste Bank in Bantul on 26-27 August 2017. The Sukunan Tourism Village is one of the pilot villages in the field of the waste management in Sleman, Yogyakarta. According to the source, Mr. Iswanto stated that the Sukunan Eco Tour Village was established in 2003. The first step of applying this principle to the community around Sukunan Village is to change the mindset of the community by putting the foundation of knowledge, increasing public awareness of the waste, and how to persuade people to manage the waste management more environmentally friendly and healthy. The principle will run if there is a start or there is an agent of change. Another visit is to the Gemah Ripah Waste Bank. The Gemah Ripah waste bank is the result of cooperation with several agencies, namely cooperation with PLN for the front building, cooperation with the DPU Satker for the rear building. The Gemah Ripah Waste Bank is a municipal waste bank that helps the waste banks throughout DIY that have difficulty in waste management.

The positive enthusiasm was also shown by the participants of field visit to learn the waste management in Sukunan Village and Gemah Ripah Waste Bank, with this field visit is expected to follow and give the knowledge to the community in 5 sub districts in West Flood Canal Area of Semarang city and can implement the knowledge in the environment.

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