The Fourth Urban Social Forum in Semarang

The Urban Social Forum is an annual event and in 2016 is the fourth year of its implementation. Since the first year, the Urban Social Forum grows. There are approximately 100 participants until 2015, there were more than 1000 people from 30 cities in Indonesia and Asia participated in the event. The purpose of the Urban Social Forum is providing the opportunity for the social actors and civil society organizations from all over Indonesia to connect with the urban issues endorser as well as the raising public awareness about pressing issues.

The Urban Initiative for Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) presented in one of the panels in the fourth  Urban Social Forum event, this panel has the theme “Defining the Resilient City:Perspective in Social, Economic, Cultural, and Psychology”. Having selected to be part of the 100RC program, various activities have been carried out included the preparation of the Semarang City resilience strategy document. On May 23, 2016, Semarang gas launched the City Resilient Strategy and the implementation phase recently. Until today, when discuss about the city resilience, especially in the city of Semarang, the resilience component still tends to be seen as the aspects in related to the physical aspect or disaster. Nevertheless,beyond these aspects, there are still some important components to realize the city resilience among others is the social and culture.

Dr. Adi Ekopriyono, M.Si was invited by IUCCE on this occasion, as the speaker of the city resilience from the perspective of social. Meanwhile Mr. Prie GS,is as the speaker of the resilience city from the perspective of culture. The social culture is the important element that becomes the basic foundation of the city resilience. Through this panel, IUCCE elaborates on these aspects in particular for the learning of the case in the city of Semarang. On how to understand the resistance as the effort in handling the pressure and challenges. It includes the implications of the social and cultural aspects. In this panel, it is expected to get the input from the participants who attended the USF associated the city resilience. Therefore, in this discussion explores the resilience from the social and cultural perspective as one of the essential elements which is involved in the efforts to achieve the city resilience.

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