Assistance in Preparing Contingency Plans as Flood Preparedness Efforts at The Petompon Sub-District

One of efforts made to realize a resilient urban village isto prepare a preparedness procedure known as the flood disaster contingency plan. The preparation of this document was carried out in a participatory manner by the people of Petompon Subdistrict. This document contains information regarding flood-prone locations, vulnerable communities, evacuation routes and temporary evacuation sites, organizational structures and work plans for the Disaster Preparedness Group (KSB), as well as guidelines for coordination, communication, and the role of stakeholders in flood preparedness. This activity was carried out through the collaboration of the city government of Semarang (Regional Disaster Management Agency-BPBD),National NgO (Mercy Corp Indonesia), local NGOs (Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment-IUCCE) and Universities in this case the City and Regional Planning of Diponegoro University . This activity was carried out as an effort to help the community in Petompon as one of the community located along the West Flood Canal, Semarang in order to have proper planning in dealing with the risk of flooding. The method used is Forum Group Discussion(FGD). With this procedure, it is expected that the community will be more prepared, resilient, and responsive in facing floods, and can play a role in reducing the risk of flooding in their area.

Document can be downloaded in the section of “Knowledge Development > Reports”

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