City Resilience Index Document

City Resilience Index (CRI) is a new method to understand the resilience of a city. CRI was organized through a fairly long process, approximately three years, considering entering various cities throughout the world. This tool is well designed, and cities in the world are expected to be able to use it as a tool for planning and decision making, which can help in realizing the resilience of a city that is seen from the growth and welfare of its citizens. Some cities were selected as pilots to
ensure this framework could be applied and used, namely Cali, Colombia; ConcepciĆ³n, Chile; New Orleans, United States; Tanjung Kota, South Africa; Surat, India; and
Semarang City, Indonesia.

We hope that this document can be one of the tools and guidelines to carrying out the concrete actions towards Resilient Semarang, that can be carried out by government and the entire community of Semarang City. The resilience of a city can be achieved by involving all elements of the city in an inclusive and integrative process.

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