Flood is one of the disasters that occur almost every year and almost in all areas of Indonesia, including Central Java like the incident that occurred in Semarang Regency. Semarang Regency is flooded by Garang River, Tuntang River, and Senjoyo River. Garang River which is one of the largest rivers with a watershed coverage area of 204km2, upstream in Semarang Regency and flows to West Flood Canal of Semarang City. In the rainy season, Garang River must be able to accommodate a large volumes of water, but the conditions that occur Garang River sometimes can not accommodate the volume of water that exists even this condition is compounded by narrowing of waterways and sedimentation. Meanwhile, climate phenomena such as changes in rainfall intensity as the impact of climate change contribute to increasing the disasters including floods. This causes an increased risk of flooding both in Semarang Regency and Semarang City. In the existing, in Semarang Regency, especially West Ungaran and East Ungaran districts, there are some flood prone areas. The floods include all types of inundation that occur because water can’t flow smoothly. Moreover, drainage and infrastructure conditions that are not functioning optimally also become the main cause of water pooled in some areas in the district.

Based on these conditions, Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) collaboration with Mercy Corps Indonesia and Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Diponegoro University developed a Community-Based Disaster Risk Management for Susukan Sub district, Sidomulyo Sub district, Kalirejo Sub district, Ungaran Sub-District, Bandarjo Sub district, and Lerep Village, which are flood-prone areas. The document contains various action plans that will be developed by communities to reduce the risks and impacts of flood. With this document, it is hope that the community of Susukan Sub district, Sidomulyo Sub district, Kalirejo Sub district, Ungaran Sub district, Bandarjo Sub district, and Lerep Village become more resilient and prepared in the face of future floods and can play a role to reduce the risk of flooding in their area.

Documents can be downloaded in the section of “Knowledge Development > Reports/Activity Documents > Community Based Disaster Risk Management Documents in 6 Sub-District of Semarang Regency ” and “Community Preparedness of Floods and Landslides in Along The Garang Watershed Document”.

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