Dissemination Of City Resilience Index In Semarang City

In May 2016, Semarang City launched the Document of City Resilience Strategy which has 53 initiatives from 6 pillars. Currently 30% of the initiatives in the document have been entered into RPJMD of Semarang City period 2016-2020.  Beside the Document of City Resilience Strategy which includes some initiatives, as the Resilience City required the calculation of City Resilience Index. City Resilience Index in Semarang City is compiled by 100RC Semarang team which cooperation with government of Semarang City and ARUP. This activity is began from July to September 2017. Data collection was done by interview and secondary data, the data includes 52 indicators to measure the City Resilience Index. The data obtained are 100% qualitative and 66.03% quantitative in accordance with 4 aspects of health & welfare, infrastructure & ecosystem, economic & social, leadership & strategy. With the collecting of data, it is necessary to validate and disseminate to deliver the result of City Resilience Index to the government of Semarang City, therefore held the Final Workshop (Dissemination) of City Resilience Index of Semarang City. The purpose of this workshop is to validate and disseminate the results of City Resilience Index Semarang City.

Dissemination of City Resilience Index of Semarang City, attended by a few government of Semarang City. In the event, begins with the opening by BAPPEDA of Semarang City, and continued with an introduction related to the Document of City Resilience Strategy. In her presentation, Mrs. Dr.-Ing Wiwandari Handayani as a representative of CRO Semarang City explained some programs and activities that have been done to support the realization of Semarang City as Resilience City. After the introduction Document of City Resilience Strategy, then the introduction of the related City Resilience Index in general by Mr. Sachin from ARUP. In his presentation, described various aspects used to measure the City Resilience Index. Not only the introduction related to City resilience index in general, but exposure related to City Resilience Index of Semarang City more specifically explained by Mrs. Mega Anggraeni, and continued with group discussion.

Participants are divided into 4 groups namely health & welfare groups, infrastructure & ecosystem groups, economic & social groups, leadership & strategy groups. Each group discussed in accordance with the aspects in each group. After conducting the discussion, the results of the discussion were compared with the results of interviews that have been made by City Resilience Index team. There is little difference between the results of the discussion with the survey results that have been done by the team.  After knowing the difference, the workshop participants held a discussion to get agreement on the City Resilience Index of Semarang City. The City Resilience Index is generally expected to be combined with the RPJMD of Semarang City and the Document of City Resilience Strategy of Semarang City.

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