Disaster Preparedness Group In Susukan Subdistrict, Bandarjo Subdistrict, And Lerep Village

Mercy Corps (MC), Mercy Corps Indonesia (MCI), Ecometrix Solutions Group (ESG), and AtmaConnect collaborate to implement the TRANSFORM Program (Inter-regional Flood Risk Management through Information Technology Governance and Innovation). This program is conducted in the Garang watersheds area, which is within the administrative area of ??Semarang City and Semarang Regency, Central Java. Objective of the TRANSFORM Program is to reduce losses and damage caused by floods. One of implementation for reducing disaster risk, Mercy Corps Indonesia in collaboration with the Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) is establishment of Disaster Risk Management Forum (FPRB) in Susukan Subdistrict, Bandarjo Subdistrict, and Lerep Village.

In the previous, IUCCE facilitated the preparation of community-based disaster risk management documents in Susukan Subdistrict, Sidomulyo Subdistrict, Kalirejo Subdistrict, Bandarjo Subdistrict, Ungaran Subdistrict, and Lerep Village. In the document, there are several community action suggestions related to disaster preparedness. One of the actions implemented is the formation of Disaster Risk Management Forum (FPRB) Susukan Subdistrict, Bandarjo Subdistrict, and  Lerep Village. The Disaster Risk Management Forum is a forum that accommodate the stakeholder organization both governmental and non-governmental interests, which are engaged in supporting disaster risk reduction efforts.

The establishment of this Disaster Risk Reduction Forum, in line with the Disaster Mitigation Agency program related to the disaster resilient subdistrict/village. Lerep village had previously established the Disaster Risk Management Forum, but on 1 July 2018, IUCCE facilitated FPRB Lerep Village to perfect the organizational structure and strengthening the Disaster Risk Management Forum through socialization. The formation of FPRB in Susukan Subdistrict is on July 5, 2018, while Bandarjo Subdistrict is July 15, 2018. Organizational structure within FRPB consists of capacity building, policy area, public relations and preparedness field. With the establishment of Disaster Risk Management Forum Susukan Subdistrict, Bandarjo Subdistrict and Lerep Village are expected to accommodate the stakeholders in conducting activities in the framework of disaster risk management.

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