Community Preparedness Workshop to Flood and Landslide Disaster

As part of building flood resilience, Mercy Corps Indonesia has collaborated with the IUCCE (Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment ) to develop Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) documents in 16 sub-district in West Flood Canal, Semarang City and 5 sub-district, 1 villages in Semarang Regency. A series of workshops and community meetings have been conducted to complement the CBDRM Documents for each village / subdistrict. The documents consist of flood mapping, routes and evacuation sites, priority issues, and a list of strategies.

In the series of workshops, also obtained information that some subdistrict / village in the region also happened landslide. Therefore, in an effort to build flood and landslide resistance in the area along Garang Watershed, was conducted Community Preparedness Workshop to flood and landslide disaster. In the workshop, attended by Chief of Disaster Mitigation Agency of Central Java Province, Chief of Disaster Mitigation Agency of Semarang Regency, representatives from Disaster Mitigation Agency Semarang City, and community in 22 Sub-district / Village along Garang Watershed from upstream to downstream. The speakers of this event are Disaster Mitigation Agency of Central Java Province, Indonesian Red Cross of Semarang City and Inclusion Disability Service Unit. The workshop was opened by the speech and exposure of Chief of Disaster Mitigation Agency of Central Java Province, Mr. Sarwa Pramana, and continued by panel discussion with resource persons from Disaster Mitigation Agency of Central Java Province regarding the material of disaster resilient subdistrict/village delivered by Mr. I Ketut Artana, Emergency and Needs Handling Basic Refugees by Mr. Kholid Zakaria, as well as Psychosocial by Mr. Dinarjati Nugroho Saputro, moderated by Mrs. Mega Anggraeni from IUCCE. In the discussion, the participants of the workshop were given an understanding of how to build a village / village resilient disaster and how to conduct management when disaster strikes.

After the panel discussion, continued with the exposure by Mr. Jatmiko ( Indonesian Red Cross of Semarang City ) who delivered materials related First Aid. This material is delivered with the aim to provide more understanding to the community related to first aid to disaster victims, so there is no mistake in helping disaster victims. After that, the presentation by Mr. Basuki related to the Inclusion Mandate in Disaster Management. This presentation was delivered by Mr. Basuki (Inclusion Disability Service Unit) with the method of story telling for the participants of the workshop, accompanied by violin music. Stories delivered by him is about how disability occurs when disaster strikes. In addition, he also provides opportunities for participants to discuss what needs are important for people with disabilities when a disaster occurs. The workshop was closed by material submitted by Mr. Kasihan (Inclusion Disability Service Unit) related to Inclusion in Humanitarian Action. He delivered some inclusions that must be learned by disability occurs when disaster strikes.

With this workshop, it is expected to increase the capacity of the community from upstream (Semarang Regency ) to downstream (Semarang City) in the face of floods and landslides in the area along the Garang Watershed.

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