100RC/GRCN Program

100 Resilient Cities (100RC) is a program initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation which aims to help the cities around the world in order to become the city’s most resilient in facing the physical challenges, social and economic, and not only the challenges caused by the climate change. Semarang is one of the cities selected to be participated in the 100RC program.

There are 67 cities around the world have been chosen by the selection committee until now, among others are: Los Angeles (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), New Orleans (USA), New York City (USA), Medellín (Colombia), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Quito (Ecuador), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Surat (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Mandalay (Myanmar), Da Nang (Vietnam), Semarang (Indonesia), Bristol (UK), Glasgow (UK ), Rome (Italy), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Dakar (Senegal), and Durban (South Africa).

In this program, IUCCE is part of the CRO (Chief Resilient Office) which will lead the City Resilience Strategy formulation, the implementation and all the undergo processes. The City Resilience Strategy is the integrated approach in order to build the resilience in facing the problems (shocks and pressures). The resistance strategy will provide benefits with the minimal investment or can even increase the investment. In addition, the resilience strategy can minimize the costs as a result from the pressure and shocks and increase the community participation.

The shock briefly referred to the events that occur suddenly, dangerous, and threatening to the city. Meanwhile pressure is the event that weaken the structure of the city either daily or periodically.
Through this program, 100RC is expected to support the city of Semarang through CRO and consulting the city of Semarang through Mercy Corps Indonesia as the strategic partner. Through 100RC there will be an access to the “The Cities Partnership / Platform” as a party that will provide the support for the development and implementation for the future strategies. The 100 RC international membership network, can be a forum in sharing the  knowledge, experience and collaboration opportunities for the city of Semarang.

This strategy is expected to be integrated later with the city so that the programs can be realized and sustained. The 100RC will also work to campaign for the resilience city to all levels of the society, so that all parts of the city know about the resilience of the city, understand the urgency, and   participate in the activities that support in it. The 100RC Semarang program conducted in the city of Semarang, it involves the variety of the stakeholders, the government, academics, NGOs, or the community. Thus, it is hoped that the 100RC can be part of  Semarang and produce the useful output for the city of Semarang. The program itself began in 2014 in the form of planning and the submission so that Semarang can be selected to be part of the 100 resilience city in the World.

Documents can be downloaded in the section of “Knowledge Development > Reports/Activity Documents”

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