City Resilience Strategy (CRS) 2016 Document

There are 6 pillar strategies, 18 strategies, and 53 initiatives listed in this City Resilience Strategy Document. The  strategy was formulated through an inclusive process involving many elements of the city. It is hoped that the document becomes one of the guidelines in implementing the concrete actions towards the resilient Semarang. These actions will not only be done by the agencies within the city government, but also by the entire community of Semarang. In addition, through a network built in the 100 Resilient Cities, it is also expected that there are opportunities to cooperate with other parties related to resources in order to build the city resilience, nationally and internationally.

A resilient city does not only mean as a city that can withstand the current challenges and adapt accordingly, but also as a city that can further develop better in the future. In this regard, all elements of the city have a significant role in creating the city resilience. Therefore, on this occasion I would like to invite all ‘sedulur-sedulur’ –brothers and sisters– in Semarang to move together towards a resilient Semarang, with the ultimate goal of realizing the welfare of the whole society. As for the future, I hope that with this City Resilience Strategy Document, Semarang, along with all its challenges, can become a more resilient city and develop into a modern and sustainable city.

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