Study of Space Utilization Tembalang Peri-Urban


Tembalang is a very dynamic peri-urban region. Its function is not only for settlement area (as it is located in the outskirt of Semarang), but also for educational purpose. The phenomenon of peri urbanization in Tembalang is affect the spatial transformation of the region. The phenomenon occurs because of high in-migration into Tembalang, indeed immigrants has been contributing as a dominant factor in transformation process ini Tembalang. This study aims to assess the spatial transformation of Tembalang suburban region which affected by the presence of immigrants. This study focused on spatial transformation that includes a change of land use, building density changes and changes in capacity and number of facilities and infrastructure. Quantitative method was applied to analyze the transformation. The result of analysis showed that the immigrants causes the increase of population and its affecting the change in land use, population density and also change the number of facilities and infrastructure capacity. There are four forms of land use changes, those are a) mix (settlements and commercials) to commercials and services, b) open space into settlements, c) rice fields into settlements and d) rice fields into commercials and services. Changes in land use influenced by the characteristics of immigrants, the changes has been leading to commercial and service activities such as cafes, restaurants, printing shop, food stalls and also boarding. In terms of building density, within ten years (from 2003 to 2013), building density increased more than 50%. Accordingly, infrastructure provision is still a great to be improved. There are many problems that occur due to inadequate infrastructure provision, such as congestion, disruption of water and electricity supply, puddles and filth.

Keywords: Immigrants, Land Use Change, Peri Urban, Urbanization

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