Spatial Distribution of Socioeconomic Characteristics in Rural’s Java: A Case from Three Different Rural Areas in Central Java


The intention of this paper is to combine the socio economic development into spatial aspect with the fact that the divided sub study areas are differed in its socio-economic characteristic. The research was conducted in three different rural areas, i.e.; coastal area in Sayung sub district – Demak Regency, plain area in Delanggu sub district – Klaten Regency, and mountain area in Kledung sub district – Temanggung regency. Spatial interpolation technique has been applied in order to identify the spatial distribution of socioeconomic data. The results show that socioeconomic characteristic in plain area and coastal area is more varied and regularly distributed as compared to the mountain area. Educated people are less found in the plain area while in coastal and mountain area the condition is better. Coastal area is identified as the prone area to the disaster issues and therefore socioeconomically vulnerable. The result of this research is very important to the development policies that need to undertake regarding to socioeconomic development in each associated location.

Keywords: Socioeconomic, Spatial Interpolation, Household, Rural Area, Central Java

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