Zurich Flood Resilience Program

The Zurich Flood Resilience Program is a program to increase community resilience to floods funded by the Zurich Foundation from 2016 to 2017. This program is an effort to support the Semarang City Government in overcoming flood problems which include pre-during-post-disaster, the cooperation disaster management, and financing and the management of aid in case of the disaster. The output of this program is a Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Document in 16 sub-districts and a Contingency Plan Document in 8 sub-districts.

Activities performed :

  1. Organic and Inorganic Waste Management Training for Five Sub-district in West Flood Canal Area Semarang
  2. Waste Management Training For Elementary Students
  3. The Dissemination Program in Increasing the Community Resilience Towards West Flood Canal Area
  4. Waste Management System in Five Sub District in West Flood Canal Area Of Semarang City
  5. Community Preparedness Training to Flood Disaster in West Flood Canal Area in Semarang
  6. The Socialization of KSB Formation and Sewage Service Improvement the Improvement of Flood Resilience

Parties Involved : 

  1. Mercy Corps Indonesia 
  2. Initiative for Regional Development and Environmental Management (IRDEM)

Documents can be downloaded in the section of  “Knowledge Development > Reports/Activity Documents > Community Based Disaster Risk Management Documentsdan “The Flood Disaster Contingency Plan Documents in 8 Sub District in West Flood Canal Area, Semarang City”.

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