Urban Village Transformation in the Semarang Golden Triangle Area


Urban development is a dynamic process along with changes of many aspect. The phenomenon is obviously observed in Semarang, capital city of Central Java Province, particularly in an area so-called ‘Golden Triangle’ located in the city center that has a function for commercial purposes. The development leads to a transformation affect especially in urban kampong. Urban kampong is a social system that dynamics and complex with many cultures, religions, salaries, and etnics (Setiawan, 2010 : 13). To further comprehend the transformation characteristic, the purpose of this study is to review the transformation of urban kampong in Golden Triangle area focusing on physics, population, and socio- economic perspective during 2000-2013. The location of this study is Kampong Sekayu as according to Semarang Spatial Planning Policy defined as a preserved kampong area and Kampung Petempen that according to the spatial planning policy defined as not-preserved kampong area. Base on the analysis result, it is indicated that transformation in Kampong Petempen is greater than Kampong Sekayu. To illustrate, the settlement landuse changes to commercial landuse in Kampung Petempen is up to 40% (4,607,1 m2) while in Kampong Sekayu is only 26% (1.220 m2). The population in Kampong Petempen descreased quite significant that is 63,2% in 2011-2013, while Kampong Sekayu is only 21,9% in 2000-2013. Accordingly, people in Kampong Petempen become more individualistic mainly because of significant number of population decrease. In contrast, community in Kampung Sekayu still has high social value although the kampong has been experiencing significant physical changes. In general, Kampong Sekayu has been experiencing transformation in the lower speed compared to Kampung Petempen and therefore, Kampung Sekayu can be exsist at the longer periode. Indeed, it can be indicated that government policy contribute a significant role to maintain urban kampong resilience.

Keywords: Development City, Transformation, Urban Kampong 

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