The Asia Pacific Resilient Cities 2016

Having succeeded with the Asia-Pacific Resilient Cities in 2015 activity, ICLEI together with the Melaka government undertakes the sustainability of these activities in 2016 in Melaka, March 2 to 4. This event was attended by about 500 delegates’ congress participants from the various countries in the world,containing the Forum on Climate Changes and Resilience City. The main objective of this program is creating a space for the local governments, institutions and communities where they can come together to discuss the climate resilience in urban areas.

The President of the Rockefeller Foundation, Judith Rodin was present in these activities. Judith said: “In handling the climate changes may require a radical new approach, a new way of thinking, and even a new application to create the environment and a healthy living.” The Asia – Pacific urban areas is a region which has the highest population growth rates in the world. This fact was followed by the variety of the urban issues that arise such as poverty, slum, and quality of the infrastructure and so on.

In this activity the IUCCE also present which is the CRO of the 100RC Semarang program. In this activity, Purnomo Dwi Sasongko became one of the presenters along with the speakers from various other countries. The material was given by Purnomo in the session “Implementing Resilience Strategies in Cities: ACCCRN Experience”. According to Purnomo, in implementing the city resilience strategy required the collaboration and involvement of all parties. Purnomo also introduced the 100RC Semarang program; it involves all stakeholders to achieve the sustainable and resilient city.

Purnomo added that the city’s development in the future is not only directed to the concept of the sustainable (Sustainable City), but it also needs endorsement to the resilient city (Resilient City). The city of Semarang is an example as a part of the 100 Resilient Cities, and ready to be part of the sustainable Resilient Cities.

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