The 6th Asia Pacific Urban Forum (APUF)

On October 16 to22, Indonesia had the opportunity to be the host of the 6th Asia Pacific Urban Forum (APUF) and the Asia-Pacific High Level Regional Meeting (HLRM) for Habitat III with theme the Sustainable Urban Development in Asia-Pacific:Towards a New Urban Agenda. This international event is in connection with the issues of the international policy community in the urban areas settlement with the aim in ensuring a sharing commitment towards the sustainable of the urban development.

The APUF is a means for countries in the regional of Asia-Pacific to share experiences and the best practices in supporting the sustainable urbanization, shared knowledge, process, and substance in the preparation of the national reports, and provides the opportunity for the countries in the Asia-Pacific to be able to express opinions, ideas, innovations and also recommendations for the next Habitat agenda (Prep comm 3 for Habitat III) which will be held in Indonesia in 2016. The APUF is an event that brings together the variety of the stakeholders which are organized by UNESCAP, which is part of the United Nations Economic Commission on and Social Affairs for Asia Pacific.

In this activity, the IUCCE (Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment) through 100 Resilient City (100RC) also participated, one of which is Purnomo Dwi Sasongko as the speaker for the Resilience 2 handout – Building Resilience and Inclusion in Asia’s Cities, which build the resilience city and inclusion cities in Asia. At present Purnomo Dwi Sasongko is the CRO of the 100 RC.

Besides IUCCE, and several organizations are involved in the urbanization of each city, also involving stakeholders including ministers, heads of regions, governments, academics, professionals related to settlements and urban, community organizations, community leaders, and youth to discuss issues concerning urban settlement which often appears in sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region, in particular the priority issues that should be considered in the implementation of activities APUF theme itself, namely “Towards a New Urban Agenda”.

The event was held over three days in Jakarta, which was prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) it consists of the plenary sessions, parallel sessions and side events.

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