Semarang City Launches The Resilience Strategy, “Moving Together Toward The Resilient Of Semarang”

Semarang, May 23, 2016 – As part of the100 Resilient Cities program, Mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi, today launched the City Resilience Strategy with the spirit of “Moving Together Toward the Resilient of Semarang”. The process in arranging the city resilience strategy document preparation is encouraging the involvement of the various elements of the society ranging from government, academics, NGOs,experts from DP2K, youth, communities, and the general public through workshops or public dialogue.  Bryna Lipper, the Senior Vice President City and Practice Management 100 Resilient Cities attended the launching of the City Resilience Strategy.

In this event, instead of the mayor of Semarang formally launch the Semarang Resilience Strategy, also attended by the Miss Indonesia 2015 Anindya Kusuma, Humanist Prie GS, the environmental expert Prof Sudharto P. Hadi, and urban experts Ir.Sudanti Budihardjo. They provide ideas and point of view how the city of Semarang can be resilient city in front of the entire audience.

The development of the Semarang city, like most others in the Indonesian capital, and in the world, is facing a wide variety of challenges such as the uncontrolled urbanization, the space management which does not meet the principles of the sustainable development, as well as in adequate transportation services. Within Semarang joins in the 100 Resilient Cities, which is a program made by the Rockefeller Foundation, the city of Semarang will get support to find solutions to the city challenges and realize its commitment in creating the resilience of  Semarang.

The process in drafting this City Resilience Strategy is participatory, where it is in line with the spirit of “Moving Together” which was initiated by the Mayor of Semarang,Hendrar Prihadi. The strategy document has been prepared for 12 months resulted in six strategic pillars, 18 strategies and 53 initiatives resistance. The pillar strategy is a strategy which represents the great problems of the Semarang city which was later revealed in more detail in the 18 Resilience strategies.

The six pillar strategy as follows:

  1. The Water and Sustainable Energy
  2. The New Economic Opportunities
  3. The Disaster Preparedness and Outbreak Disease
  4. The Integrated Mobility
  5. The Public Transparency Information and Governance
  6. The Competitive Human Resources

In the afternoon until the evening,held a Stand Up Comedy contest with the theme Love Semarang for the senior high school level students. This contest is aimed to encourage the youth to describe about their town humorously and critically. It is because the youth have to take the important role for the future of our urban areas.

Document can be downloaded in the section of “Knowledge Development > Reports”

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