Rechanneling the City Guideline Document

Rechanneling the City is a design concept to improve water management in areas with relatively dense population and buildings through optimization the function of water infrastructure in urban areas. The functional of water infrastructure is maximizing through increasing additional capacity for storage, infiltration and regulation of water flow. Improvements in water infrastructure expected to improve the quality of sanitation, optimize the use of existing public spaces, and create new, environmentally friendly spaces. The canal/channel network infrastructure as well as the surrounding environmental conditions are important components in the implementation of the Rechanneling the City concept.

The network of canals/channel in Semarang has various characteristics. Interventions and designs to maximize the function of water networks need to be carried out by the characteristics of each network and the surrounding environment. Therefore, a guide in the implementation design of the Rechannelling the City concept prepared as a guideline for stakeholders to maximize the function of the channel network and the network’s supporting conditions. This guideline is prepared to complement the roadmap document for the implementation of the concepts in Water as Leverage, including Rechanneling the City. The design developed in the following guideline document is prepared based on the canal/channel typology and the supporting conditions of the water network.

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