Kick Off Meeting Implementation Plan For Increasing Community Preparedness for Disaster

Semarang Regency is flooded by several rivers, one of them is Garang River which is one of the largest rivers with 204 km2 watershed coverage,upstream in Semarang Regency and flows to West Flood Canal, Semarang City.Mercy Corps (MC), Mercy Corps Indonesia (MCI), Ecometrix Solutions Group (ESG),and AtmaConnect collaborate to implement the TRANSFORM Program.

As part of developing flood resilience in the 6 sub-district of Semarang Regency, Mercy Corps Indonesia collaborate with IUCCE ( Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment ) to develop Community Based Disaster Risk Management ( CBDRM ) document during November 2017 – January 2018.

Following the drafting of the document, there were actions from community in Susukan Subdistrict, Bandarjo Subdistrict, Ungaran Subdistrict, Sidomulyo Subdistrict, Kalirejo Subdistrict, and Lerep Village for establishment of disaster preparedness group, disaster preparedness training, and list of emergency number. Therefore kick off meeting was held for implementation the action of increasing community preparedness for disaster in the document of community based disaster risk management in Semarang Regency. The purpose of this event is to provide information on activities that will be carried out from TRANSFORM Program to the community as well as stakeholders related to disaster.

The event started with the opening by Bandarjo Subdistrict, and continued by Mr. Nyoman Prayoga from Mercy Corps Indonesia to introducing TRANSFORM program to provide information for community regarding the importance of preparedness from disaster.After that, exposure by Mr. Olfa as a representative of BPBD Semarang Regency,who said that the community has an important role in helping BPBD to overcome the disaster problem. After exposure by BPBD of Semarang Regency, Mega Anggraeni from Initiative for Urban Climate Change and Environment (IUCCE) related to the implementation plan of action to increase public preparedness to flood and landslide disaster in Semarang Regency. After all the explanations by the speakers, followed by discussion and closing. Trought this event, hopefully that the community and related stakeholders can work together to improve disaster preparedness in their area.

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