IKUPI becomes part of the Training on Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB) and Climate Change Adaptation (API) in Manokwari, West Papua Province

The Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (API) was held in Manokwari, West Papua on 2-7 August 2017. The workshop was initiated by USAID by collaborating with several partners as speakers and facilitators, namely: HOPE Worldwide Indonesia, Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Papua Province, University of Papua, University of Khairun-Ternate, ITB, and IKUPI. The workshop was attended by approximately 50 participants who came from various stakeholders in West Papua Province.

The main objectives of this training include (1) Guiding developing policies and strategies for climate change adaptation and increasing the resilience of regions or cities, (2) Describing methods, tools, and processes for identifying vulnerabilities, prioritizing resilience, and mainstreaming API/ DRR activities, and (3) Build awareness and identify opportunities for funding and technical support at the local, national, and international levels.

The workshop was not only conducted with the delivery of materials, but participants were also invited to directly practice the policy formulation process in API / DRR which begins with a risk assessment. In this training, IKUPI also had the opportunity to share experiences related to API and DRR that have been implemented by IKUPI.

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