Dissemination of Semarang City Water as Leverage (WaL) Program

The Semarang Water as Leverage (WaL) Program has entered the end of its third phase in 2020. Starting at the end of 2018, WaL is a collaborative program between the Dutch Government and three cities in Asia, one of which is Semarang City, Indonesia which aims to formulate solutions related to urban water problems. This program is expected to contribute realizing the goals of sustainable development, particularly those related to (1) the sixth goal (6) to ensure access to water and sanitation; (2) goal 11 to achieve inclusive and sustainable urban areas; and (3) goal 13 related to climate change. The results of the study of the WaL program are expected to contribute to the development planning of Semarang City to answer challenges related to water management, availability and development risks. Furthermore, it hopes that the results of the study can also inspire other areas with similar problems.

As part of the WL program dissemination, on Thursday, November 5, 2020, at the Semarang City Hall, the WaL team held an audience and handed over the study documents to the Semarang City Government. The activity began with an introduction to the WaL program in Semarang City by the Head of the Semarang City Development Planning Agency, Dr Bunyamin. Furthermore, Mr Henk Ovink (special envoy for the affairs of the Dutch Royal Government and the initiator of the Water as Leverage activity) explained the WaL program. The event continued with the explanation of the status of the MoU on the Indonesian-Dutch cooperation in the field of water by Mr Rien Dam (delegation of the Dutch Government for Indonesia). The Semarang WaL Team explained the final report of the Semarang City WaL program, represented by Dr.-Ing Wiwandari Handayani (UNDIP) and Barry Beagan (Kota Kita). Furthermore, the Acting Mayor of Semarang, Mr Tavip Supriyanto, gave a speech and direction as a follow-up to the WaL program. At the end of the event, the Semarang City WaL team represented by Dr., -Ing Wiwandari Handayani accompanied by Mr Rien Dam symbolically submitted the WaL study report to Mr Tavip Supriyanto (Acting Mayor) who was accompanied by the Head of Bappeda and the Regional Secretariat of Semarang City.

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