Collaboration between IKUPI, IAP of Central Java Province, and CURE-UNDIP in a Book Development entitled “Urban Climate Resilience: Concepts, Practices, Instruments, and Governance”

City resilience is a condition where the city already has sufficient capacity to deal with various disturbances, including due to climate change. Multidimensional or multi-sectoral understanding and involvement of various stakeholders are needed to realize urban resilience. The realization of urban resilience is also influenced by how this multidimensional or multi-sectoral understanding is accommodated in every stage of urban planning and development.

Following the condition, IKUPI collaborated with the Indonesian Planning Experts Association (IAP) of Central Java Province and the Center of Urban and Regional Resilience Research (CURE)-UNDIP in the preparation of a book entitled “Urban Climate Resilience: Concepts, Practices, Instruments, and Governance. This book elaborates on concepts, practices, and instruments that can be used to promote urban planning and development processes that can better accommodate climate change issues. Each chapter is written by experts and/or practitioners who have been directly involved in various initiatives related to urban planning and addressing climate change issues.

On May 8, 2021, the book was officially launched through a discussion entitled Rembug Gayeng IAP Central Java #18: Book Launching entitled Urban Climate Resilience: Concepts, Practices, Instruments, and Governance”. The activity involved several experts as the discussants, namely: Prof. Sudharto P. Hadi (Professor of Environmental Planning and Management Undip); Dr. Oswar Mungkasa (Bappenas); and Lia Zakiyyah (Climate Resilience). In the future, this book is expected to be able to answer planners needs regarding references for planning practices that are sensitive to climate change so that the hope of having a safe, comfortable, productive, and sustainable space can be realized as stated by Dr. Agung Pangarso (Chairman of IAP of Central Java Province).

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