The Formation Of The Disaster Preparedness Groups In 8 Sub-Districts West Flood Canal Area Semarang

The establishment and strengthening of the Disaster Preparedness Groups is a continuation activity of the community proposals that exist in the Community-Based Disaster Risk Management Document. The Program in Increasing the Public Resilience to the Flood in West Flood Canal Area of Semarang City, from several actions proposed by the community, will implement the proposed […]

The Preparation Of Contingency Plan Arrangement of KSB in 8 Sub Districts West Flood Canal Area

One effort that can be done by the community is preparedness to face theflood by establishing the DisasterPreparedness Groups (KSB) in 8 selected villages in West Flood Canal areaconducted in March – May 2017 and preparation of the sub district FloodDisaster Contingency Plan Document. This document includes information onflood-prone locations, vulnerable communities, evacuation routes and […]