The Flood Disaster Contingency Plan Documents in 8 Sub District in West Flood Canal Area, Semarang City

The Contingency Plan document is a document containing action plans for the KSB activities on pre, during and post disaster. This Flood Disaster Contingency Plan is prepared by the Disaster Preparedness Group (KSB) of Manyaran, Petompon, Kalipancur, Bulustalan, Krobokan, Bulu Lor, Cabean and Panggung Lor sub district consisting of various community elements with facilitation from […]

City Resilience Strategy (CRS) 2016 Document

There are 6 pillar strategies, 18 strategies, and 53 initiatives listed in this City Resilience Strategy Document. TheĀ  strategy was formulated through an inclusive process involving many elements of the city. It is hoped that the document becomes one of the guidelines in implementing the concrete actions towards the resilient Semarang. These actions will not […]

City Resilience Strategy (CRS) 2010 Document

A significant changing on the climate system that we presently experience is not only an argument. Some evidence from observation and studies mainly conducted by the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) has shown that increasing air and ocean temperatures, melting snow and ice, and an increase in sea level is real. UNEP (2009) has […]