Monitoring and Evaluation Effectiveness in Flood Early Warning System Project in Semarang City


Semarang is classified as a vulnerable area towards climate change. As stated in vulnerability assessment conducted by ISET et al. (2010), Semarang experiences significant flood and sea level rise. Government of Semarang City in cooperation with several stakeholders conduct flood early warning system (FEWS) project, focusing on Bringin drainage sub-system in 2012–2014. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) team is one elements of the project team. This paper aims to find out the effectiveness of M&E based on the stakeholders’ perception during project implementations. The results show that M&E team has been effective in four indicators: 1) ensure the planned outcome is achieved; 2) increase and support the project management; 3) create a common understanding with the stakeholders; 4) ensure the project accountability. Four other indicators that should be improved-include: 1) produce new knowledge and learning support; 2) motivate the stakeholders; 3) capacity building of related parties; 4) encourage public and political support.

Keywords: Monitoring and Evaluation, Climate Change, Flood Early Warning System,

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