Water Dialogue Program

Water Dialogue Program is a collaboration program between the Dutch Government (RVO) and the Provincial Government of Java Central Java which aims to overcome land subsidence on the north coast of Central Java (especially Semarang and Demak), through the Preparation of Assessment Documents and an Adaptation and Mitigation Roadmap of Land Subsidence of Central Java […]

Mobilizing Policy (In) Capacity to Fight COVID-19: Understanding Variations in State Responses

Abstract The objective of this collection of essays is to gain insights into the different national-level state responses to COVID-19 around the world and the conditions that shaped them. The pandemic offers a natural experiment wherein the policy problem governments faced was the same but the responses they made were different, creating opportunities for comparison […]

Monitoring and Evaluation Effectiveness in Flood Early Warning System Project in Semarang City

Abstract Semarang is classified as a vulnerable area towards climate change. As stated in vulnerability assessment conducted by ISET et al. (2010), Semarang experiences significant flood and sea level rise. Government of Semarang City in cooperation with several stakeholders conduct flood early warning system (FEWS) project, focusing on Bringin drainage sub-system in 2012–2014. Monitoring and […]

Promoting Water Resilience in Semarang: Building a Coalition through the Water as Leverage (WaL) Program

Abstract Like many cities in the region, Semarang faces mounting challenges related to climate change and rapid urbanization. In the past decade, Semarang has been engaging in a range of national and international networks to promote resiliency – from community programs to large scale infrastructure. This attention and engagement from local and global network of […]

Rural-Urban Transition in Central Java: Population and Economic Structural Changes based on Cluster Analysis

Abstract In Central Java, in addition to the traditional view of urban transition as an aspect of urban industrialization, rural industrialization based on small- to medium-sized enterprises has become a concern, at least since the Indonesian economic crisis in 1997. Combinations of typical urban and rural activities have resulted in certain features of rural-urban transition […]

Learning from Local Economic Development Practice in Central Java: A Perspective based on Monitoring and Evaluation Result 2011-2012

Abstract Local Economic Development (LED) policy supported by Provincial Government has been implementing for more than a decade in Central Java. It was expected that the policy may boost local economy and creating significant employment so the utilization of local potential may contribute to an optimum outcome. However, considering GDP Non-Primary and Employment Non-primary performance […]

Dynamics of Urban Growth in Semarang Metropolitan – Central Java: An Examination Based on Built-Up Area and Population Change

Abstract Representation of rapid urban growth followed by high rate of land conversion is clearly observed in the case of Semarang Metropolitan. Located in Java Island, this capital city has been performing as the largest urban area in the Central Java Province. This paper aims to examine urban growth pattern in Semarang Metropolitan by applying […]